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Drinks with IT is our series of episodes where IT professionals crack open a cold one and let the conversation flow naturally. Our goal with these chats is to let you be a fly on the wall during our conversations so you can get an idea of the types of things IT professionals talk and care about. 

Here are some things we talked about!

  • Coffee Consumption ⇨ Daylight savings time used to require a lot more coffee, but now it’s less of a headache. We did choose coffee for our Drinks with IT episode, meaning that we were alert and ready to talk. Coffee is wonderful in general, but even talking about daylight savings requires some strong brew. 
  • Daylight Savings Time ⇨ What used to take hours and a trip to each individual computer to correct the time can now be done much quicker. IT people have worked hard over the years to figure out how to make this transition less of a pain. Even with the quicker process, the time changes still take quite a bit of adjusting. At MSPL, we have clients and team members all over the world, meaning that we have to think about time much more than the average company. When the time change happens, it definitely takes a little adjusting. 
  • What to do About Daylight Savings Time ⇨ Adam would like to see daylight savings time go away completely, even though IT professionals would have to adjust everything again. It would be easier to have everyone all synced up. Skip is okay with daylight savings and believes it makes sense, but does agree that it can be a pain. 

We loved chatting about these topics and more! Listen to this week’s episode of Humanize IT to get the full conversation. 

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