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Awesome material from Biz 3.0!

Wasted time in the workplace is a substantial problem. How big exactly is not clear, but from the research we’ve seen, the cost to business is in the millions (if not billions) in lost productivity every year. The infographic below explains just how much time we waste at work, the ways we waste it, and how businesses are now trying grappling with the issue. The results may surprise you.

Share this awesome Infographic with your clients, and then just listen (but be prepared with a social media policy template - a must-have for every MSP 2.0 vCIO), and you’ll have a natural launch to your sales process!


How to use this graph?

  • Share by mail, and then ask your client their opinion
  • Print and show to the client in person, and let the conversation happen
  • Create the support for your offer with the ideas below


What to sell?

  • Social media policy and audit
  • Security plan and Audits
  • DRP
  • Email protection
  • BYOD
  • MDM
  • Monitroing

 Take a look...maybe you have some further ideas we haven’t thought of?

Wasted time at work




Denes Purnhauser

Written by Denes Purnhauser

Denes has grown his MSP from 5 people to 17 staff in less than a year by implementing business problem focused sales processes with vCIO. He has transformed the client engagement processes of hundreds of MSPs.