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We have been producing a fair amount of research on the topic of MSPs offering vCIO services.

Because one of my colleagues is a great NBA fan, we’re now able to present the “MSP East vs. West all star” comparison.

Now we’re very sceptical guys, but since this is based on work with 591 IT managed services providers, we inclined to believe that this is a reasonable view of the real situation of the US Virtual CIO market.

But we like to be sure, and you could help us!

Go to our virtual poll and vote for your team if your MSP offers vCIO services! Choose the NBA team based on your company operation. If you have multiple locations, you can vote with each of them.

We close the vote on the Independence Day, and then we can have a heated conversation why East has beaten West so much. Or the other way around? :-)

Final Report of Survey Results

  1. New York Knicks 14.29%
  2. Golden State Warriors 14.29%
  3. Chicago Bulls 9.52%
  4. Dallas Mavericks 9.52%
  5. Los Angeles Lakers 9.52%
  6. Cleveland Cavaliers 4.76%
  7. Boston Celtics 4.76%
  8. Atlanta Hawks 4.76%
  9. San Antonio Spurs 4.76%
  10. Houston Rockets 4.76%
  11. Washington Wizards 4.76%
  12. Philadelphia 76ers 4.76%
  13. Oklahoma City Thunder 4.76%
  14. Sacramento Kings 4.76%



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Dr Peter Torbagyi

Written by Dr Peter Torbagyi

Co-Founder of Managed Services Platform