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Packaging and Delivering Scalable vCIO Services

Oct 17, 2016


 Carrie Simpson, Founder and CEO of Managed Sales Pros talked with Denes Purnhauser, CEO of ReframeYourClients, and shared the most common mistakes IT managed services providers make when it comes to building their vCIO offerings, and how you can increase your MRR with the correct approach.

The topics in this webinar were:

  • Why vCIO services are critical to keep clients engaged in the long run
  • The five biggest mistakes MSPs are making with their vCIO services
  • Why service productization is the reliable way to scale a Managed Service Organization
  • How to make vCIO services scalable with service productization
  • Process of service productization
  • The right pricing model for MSP and vCIO services


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Topics: vCIO MSP Virtual CIO

Péter Torbágyi
Written by Péter Torbágyi

Developer of ReframeYourClients

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