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Stop Dumping on your Clients

By Myles Olson on May 30, 2019

How to leverage widgets to create a client experience

Today let’s investigate how to deliver incredible client experience in your meetings. But first, we have to inspect what we expect from the meeting. 


Most account managers spend hours, or days, putting together a hodge podge of different reports. These often come from various systems with the goal of turning out some kind of relevant justification for the client to stay, and spend more money (upsell). I call this the “garbage dump” approach. The content will change from AM to AM and is usually biased to support what they are comfortable talking about. Too often this is stuff like ticket counts, uptime, resolution time, back ups totals, etc.

Unfortunately, this usually results in the client trying to avoid the meeting or end it as quickly as possible. 

Bring real business value to your clients by making the meeting flow in an easy, comfortable and professional way.

Storyboard it! Make the experience interactive. Ask questions and listen. Now you can diagnose and offer solutions to your clients' problems. As the client gets more comfortable with you, they will share more business problems that you can solve. Now your clients will be engaged and inspired to take action.

This also takes the pressure off you and your account managers to get “creative” in a live setting. Top performers, from athletes to actors, spend thousands of hours practicing. This is so they don’t have to “think” when they deliver a world class, record breaking performance. How prepared and polished is your deliverable, before the "big game"?

Apply this same approach to your business. Instead of trying to make sense of a bunch of reports, follow the storyboard. Use sections (widgets) to ask questions, keep notes, review previous meeting minutes and embed relevant 3rd party content.  Set yourself up with success by making it easy for you and the client to move to the next steps.  Your process is your deliverable.  Your deliverable is your process.  Your account management is now systems driven!

How many touch-points do you think make for the best client experience? Schedule a time with use and let us know.

Success Resources

Try this:  Embed a calendar booking tool like https://calendly.com/ or MicroSoft Bookings into your report. This way you always have definite next steps and don't have to chase the client.

Read this: Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller


How do you proactively plan projects and upgrades with your clients? Let us know and schedule a time to chat with us about delivering the best account management.


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Myles Olson

Written by Myles Olson

Growing up in Thunder Bay, Ontario in the 80s was an exciting time in the advancement of personal computers. Myles 1st job was at a dial-up ISP managing racks of 28.8K MODEMs that would often overheat, melt, and sometimes catch fire. Having worked his way from the server room to the boardroom, since 1999, Myles works with IT professionals to standardize and communicate the business value of technology. Not just what an MSP does, but why they do it. This is crucial to long term client engagement in meaningful conversations. In 2001 Myles moved to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and worked as an entrepreneur, with startups and giants in the software space; like CA & Autotask. Having been both a technologist as well as a sales & marketing professional, Myles has an eclectic perspective of the role of technology in business. Unafraid to say it as he sees it, Myles brings a passion for sales, and business success to every conversation. Unafraid to say it as he sees it, Myles brings a passion for sales, and business success to every conversation.