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Happy Thanksgiving week! To celebrate this special time of year, Elijah, Adam’s son, guest-starred to chat about Thanksgiving and conversations. Let’s dive in!

Knowing who you are talking to and getting on the same page as them is very important for having meaningful conversations. While sipping on Fanta, Elijah shared his love for My Little Pony — something he and his dad watch together. This is a shared experience between the two that allows them to further and deepen their relationship. 

Whether you are talking to someone that has advanced degrees in finance, history or engineering, or it’s your 10-year-old son who’s just awesome, you have to find ways to relate to them. It’s important to look at client and co-worker relations in this same way. Create personal friendships with those that you are around and further your work ability and skill in return. 

Remember that you can have conversations with anyone, no matter what their background is. You can create shared experiences wherever you go. Whether it’s hanging out, drinking fanta or talking to a business owner, the most important part is creating relationships and being thankful for those relationships — this will make sure that you always be able to build memories that you can fall back on. When you talk to someone, it doesn’t have to only be business all the time. Create memories so you can work with and for people you know well and have a relationship with and enjoy spending time with. 

Adam is extremely thankful for those types of relationships, as well as being able to buy a business, go on trips and spend time with family and friends. As you enter Thanksgiving celebrations, be thinking of how you talk to your family and friends and maintain those relationships. Then, bring that charisma into your working relationships.

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