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Have you always wanted to sit down and design a great budget spreadsheet that clearly explains IT spending? One that your clients will understand, complete with pretty graphs?

Here you go!



Clients want clearer and more predictable budgets. This will help their financial departments find tax write offs and adjust spend appropriately. However, they do not know what most of the line items are in their IT budget!

One of the major reasons that IT shops do not have budgets is because of a gap in knowledge. Engineers are not trained as accountants and vice versa.

This easy to use budget template bridges the gap by allowing a breakdown of IT costs to allow for more engaging conversations such as why managed infrastructure helps stabilize budgets!

This includes

  • Easy to use Excel Budget Template
  • Explanation of how to build a budget for your client
  • Explanation of forecasting and basics


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Myles Olson

Written by Myles Olson

Growing up in Thunder Bay, Ontario in the 80s was an exciting time in the advancement of personal computers. Myles 1st job was at a dial-up ISP managing racks of 28.8K MODEMs that would often overheat, melt, and sometimes catch fire. Having worked his way from the server room to the boardroom, since 1999, Myles works with IT professionals to standardize and communicate the business value of technology. Not just what an MSP does, but why they do it. This is crucial to long term client engagement in meaningful conversations. In 2001 Myles moved to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and worked as an entrepreneur, with startups and giants in the software space; like CA & Autotask. Having been both a technologist as well as a sales & marketing professional, Myles has an eclectic perspective of the role of technology in business. Unafraid to say it as he sees it, Myles brings a passion for sales, and business success to every conversation. Unafraid to say it as he sees it, Myles brings a passion for sales, and business success to every conversation.