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You pro­vide a great ser­vice, the price is right, your mar­ket­ing cam­paign is spot-on, yet very few deals are actu­ally clos­ing? Does this sound like your com­pany? Sadly, a good offer often times isn’t enough to win a client over. Some­times a lower level com­peti­tor gets the busi­ness. Why? Bet­ter sales tech­niques. In order to go from con­tact to con­tract, you need to be one step ahead of your com­peti­tors, espe­cially as it relates to sales processes and tech­niques. Fol­low­ing are some help­ful tips that will help you close the sale faster – and eas­ier – than ever:


Differentiate yourself from your competition and become sales ready in 30 days


Cre­ate a fool proof meet­ing agenda

As a rule of thumb, busi­ness meet­ings with your prospects must be as effi­cient as pos­si­ble. Not only does that help you present your­self as a pro­fes­sional, but it also sig­nif­i­cantly reduces the time it takes to close the sale. On the other hand, a dis­or­ga­nized meet­ing sends a very pow­er­ful mes­sage that you are not prop­erly pre­pared. To make sure you’re show­ing off your com­pany in the best way pos­si­ble, have the meet­ing planned out from start to end, leav­ing noth­ing to chance.


Go over the impor­tant stuff early in the process

Per­haps one of the worst moments in a sales job is when after months of com­mu­ni­ca­tion, you sud­denly real­ize that you’re just not the right fit for the deal. As a result, you never close the sale, and all the time and resources you’ve spent go down the drain. To pre­vent this from hap­pen­ing to you, ask the impor­tant ques­tions early in the process. This will ensure that you’re not wast­ing your time on a client that will never actu­ally close the sale.


Pro­vide more than is expected from you

After you’ve gained the ini­tial inter­est from a poten­tial client, you need to cre­ate a good image – and fast. A pop­u­lar sales tech­nique involves going beyond the expected, and sur­pris­ing the client in a good way. The ways of achiev­ing this range from free gifts and tokens of appre­ci­a­tion to infor­ma­tive emails that could in some way help the client in their busi­ness. All of this will attract their atten­tion, and make you more appeal­ing than the competitors.


Go beyond a “yes”

In many cases when try­ing to close a sale, you will get a ver­bal agree­ment, while the actual con­tract never gets signed. It’s impor­tant to make the phase between ver­bal and writ­ten agree­ment as short as pos­si­ble. The longer your prospect stalls, the higher are the chances they’ll change their minds or find one of your com­peti­tors to be more suited for their needs. Let your poten­tial clients know that you are seri­ous about the deal, and that you expect the same from them.

To actu­ally close the sale, you have to be atten­tive and meet the client’s needs. Using the sales tech­niques out­lined above might be just the thing that “clicks” and makes your next prospect choose you over your com­peti­tors. In order to improve your chances of clos­ing each deal, make sure you man­age each and every deal per your stages in your sales cycle. This cru­cial step will min­i­mize the time spent on bad deals and shorten your sale scy­cle on qual­i­fied deals.

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Mark Woldman

Written by Mark Woldman

As a Sales and Marketing chief, I drive customer acquisition and ensure our IT provider clients are positioned for success. Simply put, I’m in the business of helping others improve their business. I do more than just help increase revenue - I show them how to enhance the quality and value of their entire operation.