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Unified Member Success

By Skip Ziegler on Apr 26, 2021

Unified Member Success - education, coaching, onboarding and community in one location resulting in faster adoption.



I am really looking forward to the unified focus we can now deliver to our members.  The synergies between Virtual C and Managed Services Platform have been obvious for years and our partnership has allowed us to help many of you grow your business.  However, as two separate companies, there were always slight variances in our goals and methodologies.  I am excited about what our expanded team will now be able to focus on and how we will be able to better leverage that teamwork.

So what does this mean for you?  I think we will be able to bring more context to the tools you are using.  Virtual C's experience in coaching and creating content has been developed with MSPs from all over the world.  When we talk about how to use the MSPL tool and the benefits from the various features, these are real-world applicable experiences. 

Now, not everybody is the same, in fact, we know you are a unique snowflake ;) but the processes and methods we share are actionable items, that may very well fit in your personal snowglobe!

We are all very accustomed to the ever-changing technology landscape, but sometimes we don't see those changes are happening in our business landscapes.  As we continue to work to grow our toolsets we want to also develop a community of professionals who are focused on recognizing these changes, embracing them, and building better companies.

This is an exciting journey and I look forward to traveling it with you!



Skip Ziegler

Written by Skip Ziegler

Early in his career, Skip realized that just understanding the technology was only part of the challenge. To make technology truly valuable to an organization you had to communicate with business leaders; to align the possibilities that IT could deliver and meet the goals and needs of the business. Skip Ziegler has developed a results-driven focus on applying technology to meet the needs of the business. He believes that Technology Best Practice and Technology Stack adoption lead to the required operational efficiency to stay competitive on the disrupted IT Infrastructure market.