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I'm talking to you today because I've been getting a lot of questions about why I've been so focused on EOSTM (Entrepreneurial Operating System) and then other strategic methodologies and all of these teachings that I've been bringing to you regarding shifting from a traditional managed service provider to becoming a Cloud Service Provider (CCSP). And what I've realized as I've worked with different clients is that one shoe doesn't fit all...


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I could be far more prescriptive about the specific tools and execution strategies, and we'll begin to formulate that as we have more and more folks come together and get our brain share together in terms of these specific tools and tactics we can utilize in this journey. But I fully believe that not all organizations are built the same, and ultimately leadership needs to come together, create a great strategic plan and they need to know how to execute against that plan.

So all of my conversations have really come back to my core belief. And I happened to be an EOS implementer as well. And so I've been teaching people traction, EOS, and really helping folks utilize that methodology to execute well within their business. Once they begin to execute well, we can get a bit more depth around strategic tools such as 3HAG, I'm a big fan of 3HAG, Blue Ocean strategy and some others to really think about where they want to be, who they want to become over the next three years, and how that ties to their vision, their values, their purpose. Bring it down to that strategic three year map, that picture, and then know how to execute against it within that one year, 90 day, and one week rhythm that EOS brings to you as an organization.

So as I work with you, please know that my focus is going to be very centric around the EOS, that EOS mindset. And then everybody I'm working with is thinking about how Cloud is going to shift their business. And we're also going to layer in some strategic activities to make sure that we are aiming that rifle in the right direction, and we know where we want to end up three years down the road.


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Jamison West

Written by Jamison West

Jamison struggled watching new cloud-based technologies bypass his IT Services firm and his clients. Revenues and margins were being driven lower and the ability to provider higher value services was a struggle under the legacy infrastructure model. Jamison embraced the commoditization of modern cloud infrastructure and utilized that model to layer in much higher-value services to his clients, resulting in stable, or even increased, revenue and margins across his organization.